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HeadlineCasinos.com is an independent online gambling news service, player advocate and industry commentator with a focus on the United Kingdom

HeadlineCasinos.com is owned and operated by Traffic Wizards UK, an organisation that has been involved in the online gambling marketplace since 1999. We've run online casinos, developed software for bookmakers and we've been active in the gambling portal space for almost 15 years now.

Our Philosophy

We have a simple motto: "The Player is the King" and its our business to present visitors to HeadlineCasinos.com with concise and accurate information about the online gambling industry, including betting and gambling operators, promotions and the latest news. We present the good with the bad and don't shy away from having an opinion. If we have one, we make it heard and make no excuses for it. Having been in this business for almost ten years we believe that people who are willing to risk their money on gambling deserve quality service and gambling products that are proven to be fair.

To this end our primary focus is on online gambling sites that are licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom and greater European Economic Area. This is due to the simple fact that these regulatory regimes ensure higher levels of accountability as operators are monitored more closely than in some of the offshore jurisdictions. This doesn't suggest that we do not consider operators located in offshore jurisdictions, we just tend to do so very selectively.

Regardless of the regulatory regime, players unfortunately have a bad experience from time to time. There is no such thing as a 100% squeaky clean operator. They make mistakes, but this is where the Kingz Seal kicks in. If an operator fails to pay out legitimate winnings, players can claim a refund of their deposit from us. Not many portals back up their recommendations to players with real insurance.

So if it's current and accurate information you're after, the people at HeadlineCasinos.com hope to fulfill your needs.

Running a site such as HeadlineCasinos.com requires a team that is peerless in the industry.

The Kingz Team

Below are the people that make the HeadlineCasinos.com website the best it can be:

Ryan D. Jaeger

Ryan has been involved in the online gaming industry for nine years now and has gained experience in a variety of roles. He has worked in software development, the operation of gambling websites and for the last five years have been actively involved in the affiliate industry as the editor of a number of high profile online gaming sites. He believes in promoting ethics and integrity in online gambling and is an active voice in speaking out against rogue practices and unfair operator behavior. He lives near the water with two cats and a parakeet and cooks, writes and goes sailing in his spare time.

Renee Israel

One of the most highly respected online gambling freelance writers working in the industry today, Renee contributes regularly to HeadlineCasinos.com, and we couldn't be happier. Her incisive reporting on the current state of the UK gambling industry is an invaluable resource for our readers. Renee has over five years of experience in the field and is a consummate professional, when she isn't writing she enjoys gardening and reading detective novels.

Anton Johan

Anton hails from South Africa and has been involved in the world of media for nearly 20 years. He has a background in copywriting and worked on several major ad campaigns before becoming a full-time journalist. His work has been featured on a number of leading gambling websites, and we're proud to add our own name to that growing list. His dedication and passion for the world of online gambling is hard to match. When he isn't analyzing horse racing results or reviewing casinos Anton can be found drinking fine wine, as his hobby is oenology!

Mark Huggson

Mark is the HeadlineCasinos.com technical lead, a man fluent in more computer languages than we can name in such a short space. He codes with assurance, stomps out bugs with authority, and is generally unflappable in the face of binary pressure. Mark is married with two daughters, and when he isn't building websites and making sure they run without a hitch he can be found at home relaxing with his family.

Tom Allen

Tom lives and works in London and has been betting on sport since he can remember. Now with over five years experience as a freelance sports gambling journalist, Tom focuses almost exclusively on soccer and is proud to boast an impressive level stakes profit across his various online columns for every season since he graduated university in 2005. Tom's key to success is simple - identifying, and taking advantage of, the difference between his tissue price and those being offered. When not battling the bookmakers, Tom likes handing out a beating to his friends and family on the golf course (he's a 4-handicapper) or roaring on his beloved Manchester United.

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