Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game that has made its way to live casinos. It is commonly found in casinos in Macau and a number of software providers stream the game live from their studios in different parts of Asia. The dealer uses 3 dice instead of the 2 that you see in other games like craps. The objective of the game is to predict correctly the outcome of the dice roll.

In this article we will cover the following aspects of Live Dealer Sic Bo:

  • The best Live Sic Bo Casino
  • Components of the game
  • Bet types and house edge
  • Sic Bo Software providers and games
  • Live Sic Bo FAQ

Top Live Dealer Sic Bo Casinos

Fewer software providers offer live dealer Sic Bo games and we have put together for you a list of the top live Sic Bo casinos below.

Components of a Live Dealer Sic Bo Game

Play Live Dealer Sic Bo at Mr Green Casino – powered by Playtech
Play Live Dealer Sic Bo at Mr Green Casino – powered by Playtech.

While live Sic Bo remains the same as the online version, the elements responsible for bringing the game to you vary. The primary components of the game include:

  • Live dealer: This is the person that sets up the table, accepts your bets, rolls the dice, and basically runs the game.
  • Sic Bo table: This is the table where the action unfolds. It contains a number of betting options.
  • Payout chart: This is at the bottom left of the screen and lists out the payouts for different bets.
  • Dice bowl: This is the bowl in which the 3 dice that are rolled to determine the outcome are placed.
  • Automatic dice shaker: This is a device hooked to the dice bowl. It is used to shake up and roll the dice inside the bowl.
  • HD cameras: They are placed strategically around the table to film the game as it is played.
  • Game Control Unit (GCU): One of the core components of a live dealer casino, it is a small device the size of a shoebox - or even smaller – that encodes the video being shot and streamed.
  • Monitor: The monitor allows the software guy and the dealer to get the view of the game as it is shot. For the dealer, the monitor is important because it shows the players who are playing the game online.

The table itself is rather elaborate. While it resembles a craps table slightly, it has a number of items on it. Across the breadth of the table you will find a number of squares with numbers, words and also illustrations of dice. There are a number of different and easily identifiable betting areas across the table that cover the wide range of bets you can place.

Different Bets and House Edge in Live Dealer Sic Bo

There are a wide range of bets that you can choose from when you play live Sic Bo. The commonly used bets are:

  • Small and Big Numbers: It is one of the most frequently used bets in live Sic Bo. The words Small and Big are found at the upper left and upper right corners respectively of the table.
    • The Small numbers are 4 to 10 while the Big numbers are 11 to 17.
    • You can use this bet to predict whether the sum of the 3 dice rolled will be a small number or a big number.
    • The payout is 1:1 for both small and big.
    • You lose if you place this bet and land a triple.
  • Totals: This is a bet on specific totals between 4 and 17. The returns for this bet start at 6:1 and go up to 60:1. The house edge increases with an increase in the payout. The payouts are listed out on the paytable.
    • Total of 10 or 11 gives you a 6:1 payout with a house edge of 12.5%.
    • Total of 9 or 12 gives you a 6:1 payout with a house edge of 18.98%.
    • Total of 8 or 13 gives you a 7:1 payout with a house edge of 22.2%.
    • Total of 7 or 14 gives you a 12:1 payout with a house edge of 23.6%.
    • Total of 6 or 15 gives you a 14:1 payout with a house edge of 30.6%.
    • Total of 5 or 16 gives you an 18:1 payout with a house edge of 47.2%.
    • Total of 4 or 17 gives you a 60:1 payout with a house edge of 29.2%.
  • Specific Matching Doubles or Triples: You can use this bet to predict specific doubles or triples.
    • Landing doubles from 1 to 6 gives you a payout of 10:1.
    • Landing triples from 1 to 6 gives you a payout of 180:1.
  • Any Triples: This bet covers the possibility of landing any triples with the dice roll. The payout for this bet is 30:1.
  • Double Combinations: This bet covers the possibility of different two-dice combinations landing as a result of the dice roll. The payout for this bet is 6:1.
  • Single Dice: This bet covers the possibility of getting a correct call on one of the dice. The following are the payouts for this bet:
    • 3:1 payout for 3 correct
    • 2:1 payout for 2 correct
    • 1:1 or even money payout for 1 correct

Live Sic Bo is simple to play; what makes it slightly tricky is the large number of bet options available. Some bets are simple and used often, while there are also lucrative bets that come with a high house edge. You have to really know how the different bets work and what they pay out to choose the right bet.

How to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo

To play live Sic Bo follow the steps listed below:

Software Providers Offering Live Dealer Sic Bo

Live Dealer Sic Bo FAQs

Is live dealer Sic Bo available at mobile casinos?

Not too many software providers offer these games. Opus Gaming is one provider that offers it for play from your mobile device.

Is live Sic Bo available in practice play/free play mode?

Like most other live dealer casino games, it is not available in free play mode; you get to play it for real money only.

Is there any certified strategy for winning at live dealer Sic Bo?

Live dealer Sic Bo is a game of luck; you predict the outcome of the dice roll and place wagers on it. There is no strategy that will help you win always when playing this game.

However, you can strategize in terms of regular gaming aspects like bankroll management and the right bet to place. Learning about the bets available is helpful in choosing the right bet to place.

Are there any bonuses available for playing live Sic Bo?

You can use the bonuses that the casino offers. Of course, some casinos limit the games covered by specific bonuses; therefore it is good practice to read the terms associated with a bonus carefully before using it.

Is live Sic Bo fair?

Live Sic Bo is completely fair and secure. Even though there is a live dealer the dice are rolled using the dice shaker, which rules out the possibility of unfair play. The software providers offering the game are reputed names that have been tested and certified for fairness by well-known agencies like eCOGRA, TST and others.